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Kyle Roof was first thrust into the SEO spotlight for having ranked a website written almost entirely in lorem ipsum to number one in Google. He also owns the distinction of being the only person to be deindexed for on-page optimization, good on-page optimization at that. This chain of events sent shockwaves into the SEO community and brought Kyle fame and notoriety within the industry. With his theories consistently proven, Kyle cemented himself as one of the leading minds in SEO.

In this episode, Kyle discusses all the cool things that he’s currently working on. We also get to deep dive into the core concepts of what really works in SEO today.

Show Notes

What Kyle’s up to these days {2:20}
Working with CORA and it’s compatibility with POP {3:30}
How Kyle got into the world of digital marketing {5:11}
The legend of the lorem ipsum website {7:50}
What gave birth to the lorem ipsum concept {10:48}
The SEO Signals Lab competition {11:47}
Kyle’s level of involvement in his three businesses {13:24}
The importance of having a team built around you {16:57}
The 80/20 in today’s SEO {19:30}
Chocolate vegetables {23:38}
Kyles thought process when it comes to testing {23:46}
The community of testers at IMG {25:17}
How Google crawls a page {28:00}
Updates and working with an early warning system {30:50}
The obvious misses in SEO {32:30}
How the original test has stood the test of time {35:03}
The best advice for anyone getting into SEO {39:06}
Kyle’s book recommendation {42:53}
The best way to connect with Kyle {45:57}

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