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The Pastor as Cultural Exegete

(This post first appeared in Missio Alliance)   One thing that I am usually wrestling with as a pastor of a suburban church in Sydney, is how the church can embody the narrative of the Kingdom of God story in a culture which displays so many false narratives. In a...

Is Church Turning us into Nice people?

(This Blog first appeared at MissioAlliance.org) The other day someone told me about a discussion they had with a friend who said that they were leaving their church to join another church. Fair enough I thought, I hear this a lot. What caught my attention however is...

Embracing the enemy

(This post first appeared at www.MissioAlliance.org)  In the Preface to his book Exclusion and Embrace, theologian Miroslav Volf tells a storyabout how at the end of giving a lecture once, Professor Jurgen Moltmann asked him publically ‘But can you embrace a cetnik?’...

Where are the Christians?

Last night I went to the opening of the Sydney Writers' Festival where Andrew Solomon gave the address. Solomon is an award winning writer, gay activist and father.In his latest book Far from the Tree: Parents, Children and the search for Identity he researches over...

White Picket Fences

I spent a few hours the other day walking around suburbia noticing and seeing the little things that we usually walk past everyday without paying any attention. 'The secret of seeing is, then, the pearl of great price. If I thought he could teach me to find it and...

Reflections on Easter 2014

Christ in Gethsemane (Michael O'Brien) I love the Easter season and I'm always sad when it ends. I love the hot cross buns, the music, I love the way that Sydney slows down, I love the autumn weather breaking through the maple tree leaves....the chocolate. Most of all...

The Formation of a People of God

I  pastor a small to medium church sized church in a middle class suburb in Sydney Australia. Over the last year or so we have been moving from a mostly attractional model to a more missional model in the way that we ‘be’ and ‘do church’. As you can imagine, if you...

Does the Church provide space to Lament?

Recently I have been feeling the need to grieve.  Nothing major just feeling slightly ripped open, bitter, revolted by, tortured by, sick, cut by the ugliness in our world today. I want to cry, go numb, throw things, weep, throw up, groan because of all the manifest...

Liminality and Leadership

A few months ago I asked a well respected Australian social researcher Mark McCrindle to speak at our church on the topic ‘We’re not in Kansas anymore’. The idea was to convey through  statistics and discerning emerging trends in the Australian landscape, just how...

How do you preach to women?

It seems to me that a current popular question in the circles that I move in, asked by male preachers sounds something like this 'When preaching to women what are some things that need to be kept in mind?'  The first time that I heard this I baulked, rolled my eyes...

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About Karina Kreminski

Karina Kreminski has worked in the fields of English teaching, Journalism and has also been a Minister in the Church. She currently teaches at Morling College in Sydney and also writes and blogs about spirituality, mission, and theology. Karina has led a church and also been on various denominational boards and vision committees. She loves mentoring young women for leadership and speaks regularly at churches and conferences on neighbourhood and community mission and activism. She is the facilitator of The Happiness Lab at the Surry Hills Neighbourhood Centre, and is involved in a storytelling project called Surry Hills & Valleys with locals in Surry Hills, an inner city village in Sydney.

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