I often wonder about the connection between the world, church and God today. I love the idea of a group of people who are living counter cultural lives embodying the fragrance of another reality in our world- God’s reign. However, the reality is a lot harder. I frequently imagine that we can do better, something is not quite right. Many people long for something different but what does that look like?

For me, Jesus is not only someone we imitate because of his love, kindness and justice, he’s also someone who we follow.

As we follow our Guide, I believe we flesh out the good news of the rule of God and we become a light in this world, guides for those who wander about in the mess of today’s world, so that they too might be light. We live out this story and we invite others to join us.

So most of the ruminations that I post on this site, centre around my wonderings and wanderings around such things. I hope they contribute to the many voices today who are all asking similar questions about Jesus, the church, our messy world, spirituality and the intersection of these things with our culture.

Here’s a little more about me;

I am a Lecturer of Missional Studies and a part of the Tinsley Institute team at Morling College in Sydney. It is a centre for missions and missional studies helping to equip leaders to be on God’s mission in our world. Blogger– My blogs are around topics to do with the church, the missional paradigm, Christianity and evangelicalism today, cultural exegesis. What does it mean to be God’s people today in the West in our season of liminality? Pastor – I have over 15 years of experience in ministry. I was a Senior Pastor recently for 8 years in a suburban church in Sydney. Mentor– I love sharing my experiences with people and helping them to reflect on their ministries in order to develop leaders so that they realise all they can be for God. Speaker/preacher– I preach regularly at different churches and speak at events. Church planter– My hope is to plant a church in the inner-city of Sydney to put into practice some of the things that I write about.



“Karina is an insightful and wise mentor who is able to discern God’s work in my life and help me to meaningfully engage with him.”

Emily Hopkins- Speaker and Ministry candidate



Meme“I would often walk out of our mentoring sessions filled both with God’s peace and thoughts whirling. She challenged me to keep growing both as a Christian and as a pastor.”

Christine Redwood- Associate Pastor at Hornsby Baptist


Leaves“Karina has a way of insightfully asking the right questions to help me articulate what I’m thinking, and then working with me to develop a plan to move forward and grow.”

Kaye Packard – Children’s Pastor at Northside Church